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I played this game in one sitting, and I honestly would recommend it.  

The art style was amazing, props to you or whoever designed them as it's really well done and fits with the game. I also personally love it every time I hear Louis's voiceline on how he never signed up for this.

The writing was also great. It's actually somewhat disappointing how short this was, because I really got attached. You managed to develop Ishara's character to a sufficient amount in a short amount of time, and congratulations for that.

In spite of all this, there is still one complaint I have about the game: the battle system. I didn't particularly enjoy the occasions I had to go to battle, and much preferred following the story line. It wasn't a very exciting system, and the only thing I can really compliment it on is the amazing voice lines in it.

I guess to conclude this, I think it's a great game. The battles weren't that exciting, but I can give that up as it didn't make a huge part of the game, and the story was too engaging and well-written for me to have major qualms.  As the commentor below me stated, I think it'd be great if you make a second game. Maybe make it longer too, I'd love to spend a couple more hours with this story :)

Glad you liked it!! The game was made in 1 month for the NaNoRenO game jam, which is actually a blessing in disguise because, otherwise ... I know I would not have finished it! Haha. I still dream about making a pirate game, so this would be the world and chars I would go to first.

For those reading who haven't played yet: Battles can be turned off in the options menu.

I just finished it and I really liked it.

Fighting system was definitely good idea. Especially for game with plot like this. And it's well done.

The artstyle is good. Very nice sprites and backgrounds. Fitting music. The partial voice acting adds a lot of charm :)

The plot is very good. Well-written and interesting characters. I also like that player can see the story from perspective of few characters. 
I really like how Ishara and her crew are total opposittes of the nobles. Especially comparing their personalities, outlook and knowlegde about live outside the palaces.

The game should autosave before  every battle. 

I think you should create 2nd game about Ishara :)

Thank you for the lovely review. I will update the game to have an autosave, now that I know how.

I would love to continue Ishara's legacy!

An excellent little game! I wish it was perhaps longer and Ishara and Felix's romance went more in depth,or that there could have been more to Remy's storyline,but overall it's excellent as is!

Of course. The game was for a 1 month jam, but I would love to expand upon it.

OOOOOh if you ever expanded on it (maybe make it like a Heileen game) i would be over the moon! Anyways,keep up the good work! <3


I first played this quite a long time ago, and recently went through it again. It remains one of my favorites :) Thank you for creating such a wonderful game. 

I am totally loving this game so far, and I believe that I will love it till the end. Keep up the work! Thumbs up~


I absolutely loved this game. I must say it's my favorite otome/visual novel kind of game. The whole game is well constructed. The characters are simply amazing. I liked the simplicity of the plot and yet it was very rich with all kinds of twists and turns. Artwork is very cute and simple and amazing. And the battle mini-game was kind of a pain in the butt, but in the end it was a nice touch to the game.

Well done :)

Thank you so much for the genuine feedback. :) The battles turned out a bit harder than I anticapted, but I'm glad they didn't ruin the story for you.